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Small Business and Tax Advisory Specialists


Here is the place where your business and family can come for reliable services, and a business that understands your needs. Launched in 2012, Millennium Bookkeeping realized that there was a gap in services provided to small businesses and the owners who run them.


There are so many questions small businesses have regarding; startups, payroll, employees, insurances, registrations, bookkeeping needs, and the effects on your tax liability when April 15th comes around. The information is available but, business owners don't always know where to find it.


Many firms are offering high hourly rates or package deals that may not actually fit what you need. At Millennium Bookkeeping, LLC we work with the client to build a custom package per their business.


When you work with Millennium Bookkeeping the people behind the desks are the ones that make the difference and the ones with the information. We are committed to delivering the best service every time. 


 We are teamed up with experts in our field of service to offer timely and accurate procurement of deliverables. Our operating platforms are tailored to the specific services we provide, eliminating duplication of laborious data entry.


Read some of our reviews below and then click the link for a free initial consultation and strategy session allows you to get to know us and us to get to know your business, so we can build a long-term professional relationship.


Tri-State Area Tax Accountants

Rifkin & Company LLP

445 Route 304

Bardonia, NY 10954

Phone: (845) 623-3884
Fax: (845) 623-4739

Alfano & Company LLC

3 Boulder Avenue
Old Greenwich, CT  06870                       

Phone: (203) 698-7700
Fax: (203) 698-7701

Weindorf & Company CPAs LLP


What Our Customers Say

Our computer system crashed in 2013 and destroyed all of our data for our four real estate companies and our dental office. Millennium Bookkeeping's personnel  sorted through our paperwork all the way back to 1998 and re created our files to the current year for each company. Our bookkeeper helped us streamline our processes and is keeping us current with all tax filings!


R. Solomon
Rye, NY

In 2012, I hired Millennium Bookkeeping to clean up my accounting and help track my expenses. Not only did they clean up our records, streamlined our processes. Every two weeks our bookkeeper supplies us, with a five week cash flow forecast. Very good work.


J. Shulman
Owner Ramsay Fabric
Rye, NY

We joined with Millennium Bookkeeping in 2015 and we could not be happier. Our bookkeeper keeps us up to date with all financial reporting, created a custom cash flow projection for a retail environment, streamlined our inventory, and handles our day to day A/R and A/P. 5 years later we are still engaged with this company!


Cos Cob TV - 2020
Greenwich, CT


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