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Accounting & Bookkeeping

Many new and/or small businesses don’t have a full-time internal accounting staff. The idea of learning the laws and intricacies of Bookkeeping, Payroll, and Cash Flow Management while running a new business leaves many owners frantic.  This is where Millennium Bookkeeping can help ease your worries.

You can rely on us to structure and deliver to you a fully functioning streamlined process for your company. Millennium Bookkeeping can provide you with the all-important financial documents and files, allowing you to focus on the growth and success of your business and your employees.

Business Services


Has it reached your states quarterly filing time and you don't have your paperwork ready? Were you unaware that you're sales tax filing status had changed from quarterly to monthly? We can help you navigate through all of these issues.

 We prepare all necessary information and files those forms on your behalf!


Our team of highly-trained and experienced payroll specialists provide all services to cover your payroll needs. This includes the maintenance, accuracy, and timely filing of your payroll.

Whether you are currently using; QuickBooks™, ADP, Paychex, or another payroll system we have the knowledge to make sure you are taken care of. Are you unsure which program or service is best for your company? Ask us! We can help you choose!


Our team of highly-trained and experienced bookkeepers will work with you and tailor a plan to your business. We ensure the maintenance and accuracy of your accounting files and records.

Whether you are currently using QuickBooks™, Peachtree, or any other desktop-based or virtual software, or you need assistance creating and organizing these critically important files and records, we can help identify and deliver the optimum solutions.

Inventory Management

Inventory is one of the most important areas in a retail company. However tracking it may seem like a huge burden, or extremely tedious. At Millennium Bookkeeping we have developed multiple ways to help track inventory. We have experience with various programs that we can show you to make this part of your business run more smoothly.

Cash Flow Management

Where is yours going, and how much is coming in? Most importantly, what does it mean for your business? At Millennium Bookkeeping we continuously monitor your incoming and outgoing cash to ensure your business has enough working capital on hand to meet your financial obligations.

We can also advise you on areas where expenses can be cut back, or things that can streamlined, so that you can rest easy at night knowing you are covered.

individual services
Individual Services

Quarterly Taxes

We know that navigating your personal taxes may be mind numbing. We know a thing or two that will make it easier for you to manage.  We can help you get organized, figure out your AGI, and plan for your next tax year! 

Tax Planning

Our team of highly-trained and experienced bookkeepers will work with you and tailor a plan to your needs. 

Need help with IRS or State notices? Let us know. We can step in to help.

Tax Returns

We process all tax returns that you can think of. Reach out to our team.

New Parent? Unemployment income? Freelance income? Have you retired this year? We are here to guide you through.

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